Eye Care Program

MacuView is distributed by opticians and pharmacies.


Early diagnosis of eye health diseases through an eye care program can prevent the development of eye diseases, and/or provide early treatment before more damage is done.

Opticians are more and more important in first line healthcare.
Professional eye care is offered in more places (opticians) than ever before. In addition to your current health care program, you can now also add MacuView.

Next to MacuView, Food4Vision can also offer you a complete healthy-eye care program.


What does an eye care program entail?
With an eye care program, you are more than just an optician. You are able to offer your customers a total eye care package.
If something comes up during your examination that requires further treatment, you can directly refer your customer to a GP or ophthalmologist, with whom you will work in close cooperation.

At the start of the eye care program, all employees will receive information about background and scientific aspects and will receive practical operational training. Moreover, if necessary, you will be supported by measurement equipment and/or media awareness.

Aftercare is an important element of the eye care program. Six or twelve months after the initial eye examination, it is important to contact your customers and have them come in for a repeat measurement.

Are you interested in bringing your eye care program to a higher level? We are willing to help!